because everyone deserves a good death



Welcome to bevival.

We're at the vanguard of the death literacy movement,
building a gathering place for tending to the future. 


we are creators

concerned about how we die,
and doing something about it.


we are storytellers

ensuring our voices are heard even when
we are no longer in the room.


we are community

learning how to pay it forward,
one good idea at a time. 


Yes!!! Amy Cunningham’s wise words on condolence letters featured in the New Yorker! Better endings start #longbeforetheend #preparingtoprepare

Posted by Bevival on Monday, January 14, 2019

" this developmental stage, we are confronted by great challenges. We are unlikely to escape great sorrow for long....

Posted by Bevival on Sunday, January 13, 2019

we are teachers

motivated by an urgent desire
to improve how we die.


we are death literacy

igniting fresh conversations about our final stage,
because end of life is a societal responsibility.