the stories we tell ourselves, and others, about the days, moments and years we’ve lived have as much variety as snowflakes in the sky or sand grains on the beach, because we are endlessly inventive.

We find bits of ourselves in someone else’s story, we broaden our view of life, and living and

how can we make meaning out of it all



"Suddenly life SCREAMS at you in its intensity" 

Longtime political consultant for the Labour party in the U.K. Philip Gould was a man of influence in his life. But when he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, he began what he called “an extraordinary time of my life, certainly the most important time of my life.” He approached his impending demise with a focus on making it easier for his wife and daughters, and also to help others as they entered into this unknown zone of life, the is, approaching death. “I knew that my purpose here now was to give as much love as i could to people that mattered…. my life gained a kind of quality and power that it had never had before.” Watch this short film to hear, and feel, his extraordinary perspective on being human and what he learned.

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Time is our only true luxury