'It's curious how some moments in life are just so important'

We all know death is life's only certainty yet pretend otherwise

a BBC documentary

Reframing a relationship with life standing in the 'death zone'

Phillip Gould

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Hope is a thief...

Nothing is certain but death and taxes

by Mary Stebbins Taitt

It all seems so far away when we're young.  Mostly, we don't really believe it. I remember the terrible fear and pain when I was a child and first realized that I would die. Now, sometimes, I lie in bed beside my sleeping husband and feel a sharp pain of grief that I must lose him--and me--and that my children and grandchildren too must die.

It seems so much closer now that we are older. It sits in the room with us, lies in the bed with us, breathes on us in our sleep. And meanwhile, a little bit of us dies every day, our memories, our abilities. But we still have love and we still have today. We have sunshine, flowers, birds.

We still have life