as we are all just visiting

this is a place for tending to the future,

a rest stop for enriching life with life

to begin a fresh conversation about our last stage

so you can add meaning to each day


Storytelling is at the heart of the human experience. S

tories reveal a common narrative about being human, 

about being mortal.

These are your stories.

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we are creators

Our culture is forever in flux, responding to brilliant ideas and compassionate thinkers. Meet them here


we are story tellers

We all have stories to tell. Some precient, and some from the precipice. But its comforting to know we are alike


we are celebratory

We live, we love, we make memories. Celebrate them, even when its time to say goodbye


we are seekers

Being open to the wisdom that is all around adds meanning. And let's face it, being alive to talk about it is pretty cool

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we are bevival