We want to talk about life.

Which means we want to talk about DEATH.

(Did you cringe when you read that? You are not alone.)

But we want to talk about death differently. Warmly. Funnily. Intelligently. Unreservedly. Bravely. Heartily.


We don’t know when we will die but we do know that we will die.

We don’t know how we will die, but do we know that our death will matter to the people who love us most.

And your death also matters to you. In the best way. In an older-than-time-but-new-for-our-world way. In an inspiring, rewarding, fulfilling, this-is-what-your-life-means way.

We invite you to get past that automatic cringe.

We want to dare you to be awestruck, heartened, ennobled by the stories of those who are reinventing how we think about, and then live, their own end-of-life stories.

Thinking about death is a peering through a lens that enriches life.

Talking about death helps those who love you most suffer less and celebrate you more both in the moment and at the end.

Accepting death is the ultimate equalizer: it is what we all share, and have in common, no matter our skin color, bank account balance, beliefs, or ideology.

Invite death in for a cup of tea and a seat next to you on your sofa, as you wander around our website and find stories that resonate with you, that capture something about what your life means to you.

Come to know yourself and your life better, through thinking about death.

Because, in the end, all we all want, and all we all need from life is to be known. To know ourselves well, and to have others know our most intimate selves well.

To be loved.  To feel joy. To experience a sense of meaning and purpose and relevance.

And death brings all of those things into very clear focus. Especially #longbeforetheend, before fear, before disease, before old age or a twist of fate.

Enter the uncharted territory of the end of your life, and draw yourself a road map to share with your loved ones. Throw yourself a party, imaginary or real, to celebrate your vital presence. Consider your legacy. Share those reflections with those you love.

Experience the humbling grandeur of what it really means to be human.

Embrace your mortality.