Making Sense

How do you make sense of all the things that someone leaves behind, the things nobody sees, boxes full of photographs, and bits of string?

British animator and illustrator Gemma Green-Hope very deeply loved her grandmother, Elizabeth, whom she called “Gan-Gan” and she had years of magical memories from time spent in her home.

“As a child she seemed to me like a visitor from another time or place. Her tiny terraced house in Bideford was full of treasures; hundreds of books, a medusa's head, Peter the Great's ivory letter opener, the caul of her mother tied up in blue ribbon, a tile stolen from the Alhambra, a silk blouse embroidered by nuns, deadly poison, beautiful Pre-Raphaelite artworks, a knife carved from the wood of HMS Victory, Granny Green's pince-nez, and diaries full of stories from a hard life well-lived.” writes Gemma on her artist’s website, where she features the video. After sorting through Gan-Gan’s belongings, Green-Hope was struck by what remained.

How Gemma-Hope made sense of those things was to create this incredible, engaging video, to honor her grandmother’s memory. She capture’s not only her grandmother’s story, but, once can sense quite clearly, her spirit as well.


Laurie Anderson's ode to love

"To live in the gap between the moment that is expiring and the one that is arising."