What is a Beta period?

Beta is a work in progress. Throughout this period, we will be revising and improving functionality. Occasionally though, the site may not work as intended, and we apologize in advance should that happen. If you have a question, answer, or constructive comment about how we can do things better, please email info@bevival.com.

Where is the Shopping Cart?

We want to make the creative experience seamleass, so for the time being, the Artist will be accepting your payment directly. The individual parties (Artist and Buyer) are encouraged to document all details of their transaction in a signed agreement. If you have any questions please contact: marketplace@bevival.com

What is The Artisan Marketplace?

The Marketplace is a referral platform for Artisans and Buyers. If you are an Artisan, please send your inquiry to: marketplace@bevival.com Artists are vetted for both professional and creative integrity.

Does a Certificate of Authenticity add value to the Product?

Artists will supply a certificate of authenticity upon request. Personalization needs should be discussed and detailed in Artist/Buyer agreement.

Is my transaction with an independent Artist safe?

The Artisan Marketplace retains the right to suspend or cause cessation of a commission should we determine the Artist is acting unprofessionally or is in breach of contract with bevival. Buyers are asked to notify info@bevival.com with ALERT in the subject line..

What happens if the Product cannot be used as intended?

bevival attempts to provide accurate descriptions for products and services on our Site. However, bevival does not warrant that the descriptions are accurate, complete or error-free. If a product or service offered on the Site is not as described, the independent Artist is responsible for providing a remedy.

How do I determine the size of Vessel needed?

General rule for cremains is: 1 cubic inch of volume for pound weight. For example, if a person weight was 180 pounds, you would purchase a vessel with a capacity of at least 180 cubic inches.

What is the difference between a Keepsake, Urn and Vessel?

A Keepsake holds a small amount of cremains. Small Urns can also be a Keepsake. Larger Urns as well as open top Vessels can be used for the scattering experience with others.

Can I customized the Product shown?

Most Artists will be happy to accomodate your needs as long as they do not significantly alter the integrity and value of the Artist's reputation.