Why host a D2KDUSA event:

1.    It's practical. Nobody wants to talk about end of life choices, but it needs to get done. Talking about it in a group or using a D2KDUSA event as a jumping off point can be a big help.

2.    It's cathartic. We're all mortal, so let's stop pretending otherwise. D2KDUSA is an annual week of death literacy awareness. Think about it this way-- when you open a bank account, you’re asked to name a beneficiary.  The same principal holds true for your body- it doesn’t matter how young or old you are, you need to have an Advance Directive, a Power of Attorney, a Will, the paperwork.

3.    It's heroic. Be the person who reinvents death. D2KDUSA is a terrific way to mobilize the community, friends, colleagues, and family. Go online to see what others are doing or download some conversation starters.  

4.     No obligation. It's about your intent. Signing up tells the world you support death literacy and gives others incentive to register. Simple ideas can deliver awesome outcomes. 

5.    No rules. For some, closing your eyes, taking a long deep breath is plenty. For others, having a bunch of friends over to talk about death in broad daylight is a life-changer. Point being, you can go big or go play cards with mom. There is no “right way” to participate in D2KDUSA.

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