Going Out In Style

For those who find this talk of how to style one’s exit to be premature, let us remind you that there is no better time than the present to start thinking #longbeforetheend. Meet Suzanne, a 33-year-old Brit who has always known she wanted her funeral to be filled with candles, champagne, and laughter—and she feared that her family wouldn’t get it right when the time came. So she went so far as to secure her plans with a party planner, er, funeral director, who knew how to get it right. The London-based funeral director Louise WInter explains her perspective thusly: “We can create a funeral that is a genuine reflection of the person who has died.”

Now, isn’t that the point of it all? We each live extraordinary, extraordinarily individual lives. And now, at last, it doesn’t seem to much to ask the same of our final send-off. There’s no need any long to have an all-black celebration—unless, of course, that’s your style. In which case, you should probably hire the funeral planning firm Going Out In Style, four women who hail from the highest echelons of taste-making—magazines and event styling and more—and who certainly would know how to send off a fashionista with flair.

Nowness Series presents: The Way We Dress

Fashion: Hirosh Sugimoto Miyake