Good Death


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  • Write a “Before I die” list. Climb Everest. Learn the cello. Give away all your money.
  • Now write a “Before I die” list if you have just four weeks to live. Then schedule everything on that list Right. Now. (You could also still give away all your money.)
  • Allow yourself a little vanity: What would make a nice party after you go? What’s on the playlist? Flowers or no flowers? Make a few notes on the subject. [MERCH – would love to create some kind of journaling object that is the accompaniment to the GDChecklist.]
  • Think about rituals that have given you comfort when you’ve lost those you loved. Write them down so your family knows what you think is special and beautiful. Need inspiration? READ THIS (link to Rituals article)
  • Clean up a little of your life’s business—the paperwork [LINK TO MUST DOS], the executor—to be in control of your dignity and legacy.
  • What are the most treasured objects you own? A lock of hair? An old photo of your first dog? A gold bullion? And what are the fantastic stories attached to them? Capture that info somewhere.
  • Financial stuff gets tricky when you die—especially because you’re not around to handle it. So consider THIS THIS and THIS as ways to put some order in the mix. [link to articles]
  • Live your live with great attention and intention. To know death is to better love life.