Our Future Self

As an aging population, the benefit of introducing oneself to the idea of impermanence can be enormously therapeutic and stress-reducing. For most, all you need is one bad death experience to realize why everyone should prepare for end of living, long before the end.

Becoming death literate is not such a crazy idea. People have reported that when you get past the fear of having the death conversation, a feeling of relief sweeps in. So when you think about it, talking about mortality is a gift everyone gets to share, and certainly worth a conversation.

Introducing D2KDayUSA

Death literacy is not about dying, it's about your future self, right up to the very end. D2KDayUSA is a great conversation starter. There is no right way or one way to do this, and no reason not to do what's right for you. Just give yourself and everyone else permission to get comfortable. 

So are you ready?