Magical Chaos

Daniel Wurtzel: Mesmerizing Performances

The transcendent spiritual quality of Daniel Wurtzel's work takes us to the hypnotic edge of impermanence.

"I’m interested in creating art that’s interactive and constantly changing, and in these ways bring about a state of reverie or trance in the viewer, much like watching a fire,” Wurtzel explains.

Form is none other than emptiness.

Emptiness is none other than form.

-The Heart Sutra

Suspended in the air by a set of synchronized fans, Wurtzel’s dancing, looping, gravity-defying pieces of fabric occupy a place in time and space where opposites merge: known and unknown, reality and illusion, life and death.

"My work is an attempt to transform ordinary matter into something extraordinary," he says.

Performances entice viewers to suspend disbelief in order to joyously experience that which is momentary, fleeting, and beautiful. 

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