Last night, talked about death, differently. Many thanks to our awesome panel and thoroughly engaged audience for starting a buzz!


I learned that young adults are eager to learn about the end of life. Your panelists were strong; I've seen a film of monk Chodo making house calls. People seem to want to prepare; have control. And yes, we are bringing dying back into the home. Its a good thing. Julia Child was in bed with her cat when she died. -Robin G

It was an honor and great joy to be part of bevival's event. Big cheers! -Charlotte E

Excellent discussion at MSU tonight. Thank you! -Peter D

The time for intergenerational understanding of life is now. Thanks bevival! -KLS

Thought it was great, thought provoking. Congrats on your launch. This is huge! -Mona K

Congratulations! Well done bevival! -Patti K

Fabulous panel tonight with Dr. Norma Bowe speaking about Inspiring How We Live. A Celebration of Impermanence. - Linda S

Great program! -Malcolm K

A great success, enjoyed every moment. When and where is the next event? -JMT