Remember the Good

by Andy Levine

Lily, my older sister by almost ten years, had a box filled with art supplies of every type and when I was very young we made creations together. We laughed, sang and I consider her one of the biggest influences in my life. She was an original hippy - went to Woodstock and lived on the Haight in San Francisco. A love child. --- We strayed as we got older. Lily's easy going nature seemed to have faded and I was caught up in my own self-involved world of trying to make a living as an artist. --- We didn’t talk for fifteen years until four days ago. She called, out of the blue, and said that she needed to connect with someone because she had no friends. We chatted, chuckled, caught up a bit and it was good, promising more soon. She was also very sick. --- Lily died yesterday, too young. I’m numb, but I’ll always remember the fine stuff because she's part of the fabric of my soul. I’ll love you forever, Sis.