by Caren Martineau

Nine months ago I began thinking about developing an end of life emoji keyboard. I knew our growing dependence on graphics to communicate emotion had transcended age when my friends' texts became populated with cutesy iconography. While the idea of creating a new symbolic language was exhilarating, our start up had to prioritize. Without the bandwidth, it took a bit longer than hoped to produce a few thought starters. 

Heaven Can Wait definitely speaks our brand language.  

Version 2

bevival's panel event on 10/28 at Seton Hall University started with an audience survey. The electronic poll was developed by Dr Karen Boroff from questions submitted by Dr. Emma Quartaro. I was particularly interested in question #!0: "When expressing condolences, what is your preferred method of communication?"  Text and/or email crushed social media and greeting cards.

Did these results kinda sorta validate my hunch that end of life emojis have a place in our texts and emails? Perhaps. 

Best go big, get many creative minds involved. Are you ready to take on the challenge?